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Default Encyclopedia: Forms of cricket

In cricket, other than Test matches, One-Day International matches, Twenty20 matches and First class matches, other forms of the sport do exist. At all levels, the rules of cricket are often modified. At international or first-class levels this is usually in order to make the game more commercially attractive. More or less formal domestic club cricket matches are usually played over one to two days, either two innings per side or one innings per side with limited overs. At lower levels the rules are often changed simply to make the game playable with limited resources, or to render it more convenient and enjoyable for the participants. Variants of the sport are played in areas as diverse as sandy beaches to ice floes. One-day International (ODI) is a form of cricket, which is played over 50 overs per side between two national cricket teams. ... Twenty20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in the United Kingdom for professional inter-county competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. ... Club cricket is an amateur, but still formal, form of the sport of cricket, usually involving teams playing in a competition. ...

First-class matches:
A first-class match is generally defined as a high-level international or domestic match that takes place over at least three days on natural (as opposed to artificial) turf. First-class games are two innings per side. Like Test matches, if the game is not completed over the allotted time then it is drawn. Games where the teams have only one innings each are not first-class (including one-day internationals). First-class cricket matches are those between international teams or the highest standard of domestic teams in which teams have two innings each. ...

A two-innings match of at least three days duration is granted first-class status only if both teams have first-class status. For example, Test matches, other games between two Test nations, games between two domestic teams deemed first-class in countries holding full membership of the ICC, and games between a Test nation's national side (or a team drawn from a national touring squad) and a first-class domestic team from a Test nation, are usually deemed to be first class. Matches between Kenya, one of the leading associate members of the ICC, and another team adjudged first-class are usually granted first-class status, but domestic matches in Kenya are not.

Among cricket statisticians, first class cricket is variously deemed to have started in 1660, 1772, 1801, 1815 or 1864. The limited overs equivalent of first-class status is list A status. List A cricket is a classification of the limited-overs (one-day) form of the sport of cricket.

Short form cricket:
Cricket is also played in several different shortened forms, designed to pack as much action as possible into an hour or two. Such forms have evolved since the 1990s, and take cricket an additional step beyond one-day cricket.

List A cricket:
List A cricket is to one-day cricket as first-class is to Tests. Most cricketing nations have some form of domestic List A competition. The over limits range from forty to sixty. The categorization of "List A" was only endorsed by the ICC in 2006; the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians created it for the purpose of providing a parallel to first-class cricket in their record books.

Club cricket:
Club cricket is amateur, but still formal, cricket. The games are sometimes limited-overs, with each innings usually lasting between thirty and fifty overs. Other matches are played to time restrictions. Club cricket is played extensively in cricketing nations, and also by immigrants from cricketing nations. Club cricket often takes place on an artificial turf pitch, though the rest of actual field may be natural grass. Club cricket is an amateur, but still formal, form of the sport of cricket, usually involving teams playing in a competition. ... Immigration is the act of moving to or settling in another country or region, temporarily or permanently.

Other forms of cricket:
1.Indoor cricket is a variation of the game designed for indoor play.

2.Double Wicket cricket is a variation of the game played by two teams. Each team consists of 2 players.

3.Kwik cricket is a high-speed version of the game, aimed mainly at encouraging youngsters to take part. Kwik cricket (known as MILO Kanga cricket in Australia, and MILO Kiwi Cricket in New Zealand) is a high-speed version of cricket aimed mainly at encouraging children to take part in the main sport. ...

4.Backyard cricket, Beach cricket, Garden cricket and Street cricket are terms applied to informal amateur cricket. The rules are often ad hoc, and the subtle and complex laws of cricket, such as those involving leg before wicket, penalty runs, and others, are ignored or modified. In India and Pakistan it is called Gully cricket; 'Gully' in Hindi means 'street'. It should not be confused with Gully, which is a fielding position in cricket.

5.French cricket is a game in which the ball is bowled at the legs of the batsman, with the batsman's legs forming the wicket. It is often played by children. A tennis ball is often used rather than the harder cricket ball. Much like beach cricket, the rules may vary wildly. French cricket is an informal form of cricket where a ball (usually a tennis ball) is bowled underarm at the legs of another player holding either a cricket bat or a tennis racquet. ...

6.Tennis Ball Cricket is a type of cricket popular in the South Asian sub continent, USA and Canada. In this game a harder version of tennis ball is used. The number of overs in the game varies from 6 to 25 overs. Considering that the ball is not as hard as the professional cricket ball, the use of protective gear like gloves, pads and helmets is optional. As tennis ball cricket games are shorter when compared to the conventional version, it suits the US and Canadian lifestyle where one would see a large number of people participating. Where cricket pitches are not available, part of a baseball diamond is used as a pitch in most parts of USA and Canada. Tennis ball cricket is a variant of cricket popular in the Asian Subcontinent, and among South Asians living in the United States and Canada. ...

7.Tape Ball Cricket is a type of cricket popular in India and Pakistan. In this game a tennis ball is covered with insulating tape. This results in a heavier ball. Fast bowlers can generate extra swing in both directions while finger spinners can produce turn. The game is usually a limited over match with 4-12 overs. In Karachi and Lahore regular tournaments are held. Night matches are common, especially during the month of Ramadan.

8.Catchy Shubby Cricket is a form of the game developed in Jamaica where roles are changed rapidly, so that all players can have a turn in a short time.

9.Kilikiti, also known as or kirikiti, or Samoan Cricket, is the national game of Samoa and is especially popular in New Zealand. The game is descended from the cricket brought to Samoa by English missionaries; teams of unlimited size follow rules opaque to outside observers in a game/dance/feast event that can last several days. Kilikiti ( kirikiti, Samoan cricket) is one of several forms of cricket.

10.Non-Stop (or Continuous) Cricket is a game involving one batsman, who, on hitting the ball, must run to a marker square to the wicket. The bowler may bowl as soon as the ball is returned, regardless of whether or not the batsman is still running.

11.Over 60s cricket founded in Australia, is for those over 60 years of age with slightly modified from standard rules.

12.Single Wicket ó a tournament for individuals. This is probably the oldest form of cricket as it involves one player against another. It has known periods of huge popularity, especially in the mid-18th century and in the first half of the 19th century. One bowls to the other for a fixed number of balls, or until the batsman is out, and then roles are reversed. The remaining tournament players act as fielders until it is their turn to bat or bowl. The winner is the one with the most runs, and that player moves to the next round to play the winner from another pair. Single wicket cricket is probably the oldest form of the game because it involves individuals contesting against each other. ...

13.Armchair cricket is a card game that is inspired by the ball game cricket. ...

14.Vigoro is a form of cricket that also resembles baseball, mainly played by women. Vigoro appears to be somewhat similar to outdoor cricket, incorporating some of the pace of baseball.

15.Pub cricket or Car Cricket is a travel game based on the names of public houses passed on the route. Runs are scored according to the number of legs, arms or other items featured in the pub name. The exact rules vary according to the participants. Car cricket, also known as pub cricket, is a car game which is played in the United Kingdom and other countries with many suitably named pubs.
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thanks for sharing such an nice and informative article.
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Thanks biggy.......I think wrongly i have posted twice....can u pls delete the other one as it unnecessary occupies the space.............let me know?
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Thanks biggy.......I think i have wrongly posted twice....can u pls delete the other one as it unnecessary occupies the space.............let me know?
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Very nice article. You must have put quite a bit of effort into this. Kudos to you.
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