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02-03-2009, 12:11 AM
Indian team was quoted 66:1 before the competition started.. few Zimbabwe hiccups & some Australia demolition. loads of upsets including group win over windies & semi-final victory over England. and zoooom Team India into cricket world cup finals.

25th June 1983. Not even 20% of India was aware of this event taking place, as Lords in England got jam-packed for the final showdown. A total of 232,081 fans strolled in, nearly equaling the combined total of past two finals (160,000 for 1975 & 132,000 for 1979).

Winston Davis had broken the record by taking 7 wickets in an ODI for the first time, 13 days before against Aussies, yet Captain Clive Lloyd dropped him for experienced Joel Garner. Won the toss, and opted for fielding. Idea was - Blow the Indian batting.

Most famous (underperforming) pin-up boy of Indian cricket at that time was Sunil Gawaskar. Being an experienced opener, he also was capable to doing miracle right at the top. he didn't. caught by keeper Dujon off Andy Roberts. Fireworks came from Krish Srikanth - pulling, driving, lofting & late cutting = 38 off 57, including a six. Srikanth had found a good partner in Mohinder Amarnath, who was playing sheet-anchor role to perfection. 80 beamers he survived, to compile 26 runs.. most importantly - India were 90 for 2.

Then came series of sweep shots, and flow of wickets. Yashpal Sharma was caught at mid-wicket (rather luckily by inexperienced Gus Logie), right before Amarnath & Srikanth has departed. Kapil Dev, Kirti Azad & all rounder Roger Binny - all looked comfortable, but unhungry. Only Sandeep Patil & his sweep shots were tickling the scoreboard. Late resilience came from Madan Lal, Keeper Kirmani (14 off 43) & Bilvinder Singh Sandhu - a typical number 11.India 183 all out, but more importantly - absorbed 54.4 overs in all.

Banana Swing from captain Kapil Dev started second session of 1983 world cup finals. Sandhu took new ball from other end, and foxed Gorden Greenidge with an inswinger. ball hit windies opener on the fingers, and crashed onto stumps. Larry Gomes, Desmond Haynes were follwed by Vivian Richards - who wanted to finish the match early. 33 off 28 balls he made, but Madan Lal was rolling arm over in a hurry. His 3 wickets stumbled World Champion caribbean cricket team to 66 for 4.

Clive Lloyd made it 66 for 5 - with his bad shot, going over covers finding Kapil Dev. Mohinder Amarnath coming in jogging, hiding the ball, hitting the seam & extracting extra bounce. Windies Keeper Jeoffery Dujon was holding the fort, but got bowled. Malcom Marshal nicked one - dropped short of first slip. he again nicked the second, and this time the ball carried to Gawaskar.

Rest my fellow cricket fan, is history. India won the 1983 world cup.

India vs West Indies 1983 World Cup final, Lords scorecard

India 183 all out in 54.4 overs
Gawaskar 2, Srikanth 38, Sharma 11, Amarnath 26, Sadeep Patil 27,Kapil 15, Kirti Azad 0, Binny 2, Lal 17, Kirmani 14 & Sandhu 11*.
Roberts 3 for 32, Garner 12-4-24-1

West Indies 140 all out in 52 overs
Greeindge 1, Haynes 13, Lloyd 8,Viv Richards 33, Gomes 5, Bacchus 8,Dujon 25, Melcom Marshall 18, Garner 4notout , Michael Holding 6
Madan Lal 3 for 32 & Amarnath 3/12

India won by 43 runs

The prize money for Indian team after winning world cup 1983? well, it was 20,000 pounds for winning the final match at lords, and 600 to Mohinder Amarnath as the man of the match. Excluding the silver-gilt medals and the Prudential Cup trophy.


02-03-2009, 06:46 AM
thank you so much. I missed that final :p because I was not born....

One should say SriKanth, Sehwag, Yuvraj all are really good batsman but they could climb top positions because they never gather enough runs. They always opt to gether maxiumum runs.

03-06-2009, 09:31 PM
ya that was really an amazing moment for India since that was the first time India has won a world cup in history but this was made possible only with the effort of players that played for india in that world cup...

03-06-2009, 10:51 PM
The rest of the world would have been awestruck , I mean just look where India was before the WC...
66:1 was the odds, people would have been damn rich in just a fortnight ! I wish I was born at that time :p