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22-02-2009, 05:47 PM
What would be your current day Best XI?

Probably does not need to be said, but you don't have to chose players in form. You can add players to your XI that hold a place dear to your heart. All I ask is that you firstly, lay out your choices in the format of a scorecard (so your opening batsmen are 1. and 2. etc), and secondly, that you give a brief reason to your choice. For example, 'I chose R. Ponting due to the fact he is an outstanding batsmen', or, 'The reason I picked M. Hoggard is that although he is not playing test cricket at the moment, he's contribution to England winning the 2005 Ashes was invaluable'. Thirdly, the players you chose must not have retired from test cricket, so please, no one pick Shane Warne or Glenn Mcgrath. And lastly, this 'best XI' should be picked for the purpose of test cricket, not ODIs.

(c) = Capitan
(w) = Wicketkeeper

Thank you.

This would be my XI:

1. G. Smith (c) - After beating India and Australia both away from home, he is my first choice for Capitan. His batting was impeccable against Australia.
2. G. Gambhir - Is in phenomenal form at the moment. Ripped the Aussie attack apart.
3. K. Sangakkara - One of the greatest batsmen of all time. Seems able to cope with any situation out in the middle.
4. S. Chanderpaul - The rock of the West Indies middle order, and now also mine. The hardest batsmen in the world to dismiss.
5. K. Pietersen - Worth the entrance fee alone. No XI should be without him!
6. S. Katich - After impressive scores opening the batting for Australia, his stubborn mindedness not to give his wicket away should work wonders at no. 6 by supporting Pietersen, Dhoni and Flintoff.
7. M. Dhoni (w) - Probably the best wicketkeeper-batsmen in the world. Will up the run rate.
8. A. Flintoff - Not quite the batter he was but still useful. With a ball in his hand, anything is possible.
9. M. Johnson - 60+ wickets in 2008, broke G. Smiths hand, and a useful batter. Why wouldn't you pick him?
10. D. Steyn - 90+ mph, late swing and unbelievable stamina. Bouncers aren't bad either.
11. M. Muralitharan - 769 wickets.

P.S. Criticism welcome.

22-02-2009, 06:22 PM
Critcism : You forget the Sachin, from my view of point you even not mention in your description.

My Best Eleven

Virendra Sehwag
G Smith (Captain)
G Gambhir
Brian Lara
K Peitersen
Inzamamul Haq.
Adam Gilchrist (WK/Bats)
Shaun Tait
D Steyn
G McGrath
M Muralidharan

Worth to mention. I did not added Sachin Tendulkar because he played to much cricket. One of the time he was fabolous and if he could have retire their one could say he was best and deserve place in my Best Eleven.
I left Dhoni, bcoz too much new. Ya he did help in winning T20 but lot more to prove.
Shit, I not added Zaheer Khan because if I do it would be Best Indian Eleven.
Sharne Warne missed because of Murali.
Ricky Ponting doing same as Sachin. He was good before 1 year and if he could have retired one should always remembered him.
Absolutely folk not to add Yuvraj, Gibbs, Gayle, Hayden. Worth to mention in this category I choose Virendra Sehwag. He is good bowler, as well as powerful batsman fo powerplay. His long test innings and most conversion of 100's to 150's and then 200's and then 300's help me to choose him. Also, he did good in the twenty20 IPL and hopefully he do best in the ODI as well.