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09-06-2009, 11:59 AM
Yesterday played two match 1st is Bangladesh v Ireland and the second one Australia v Srilanka. In 1st match Bangladesh played as a child of cricket. They have many experience player and youngest player but they had nothing to do anything. They think that we are tiger so don't worry we will win the match but they don't know that they are not tiger just a simple cat. Bangladeshi Selector has no experience to select a player. Some of the player are not for twenty20 world cup as like Mahmudullah, Rubel Hossain they donot know how to play cricket how to bat and bowl. Ashraful donot know how to captency for a team. So if Selector can change couple of player then Bangladesh will do better for cricket. In the second match Srilanka beat Australia. In that match Srilanka realy played very well in bowling and bating both side. Australia had nothing to do anything. But this is not finish for two teams we think that both teams will play good for cricket in the next tournament. In Ashes Australia will play better and hope they will find themself. Best for luck Australia and Bangladesh for their future.

Today's match time schedule:

Netherlands v Pakistan(13:30 local, 12:30 GMT)Live Match
New Zealand v South Africa (17:30 local, 16:30 GMT)Live Match

Today's will played two match the 1st is Netherlands v Pakistan and the second one New Zealand v South Africa. The 1st match is very important for both team. Pakistan want to win by hook and cook. They donot want misstake like Bangladesh. But Netherland played very well in their 1st match against England. They chessed the run and also win. Today also they want to be chessed because they have power to chess and win. If Pakistan win the toss i think that they have to go for fielding 1st this is my opinion but it depends on pakistan Captain but if Netherland win the toss that I think that they definatly choose to bowling 1st. In 1st match in fielding side Pakistan not so well they missed couple of bowl. So this a big metter to improve thier fielding in this match. Because after 160 every 10 run is a big factor for wining a game.

The second match New Zealand v South Africa. Already decided two teams go to the super eight. Two teams are very strong in batting and bowling line up. So let's see which team will champion for group Group D.

So enjoy today's cricket available on cricinfo and my blogsite for live cricket.

09-06-2009, 12:42 PM
thanks for this.

10-06-2009, 04:17 PM
the Pakistanis steamrolled the netherlands hopes of reaching the group stages ,they needed 151 to qualify and faltered badly,
other one was a low scoring cliffhanger and the SA had the better of NZ by just one run!

both were again had veterans playing important role, Shahid Afridi for Pakistan and Greme Smith for the proteus both with batting 30+ and the captaincy