View Full Version : Flintoff takes the first measurement towards the return of ashes

08-06-2009, 02:01 PM
Andrew Flintoff took the first step in his return to full match fitness on Sunday, bowling two sessions off a full run-up
though not in match conditions. Flintoff first bowled two overs before play started in the game between Lancashire and
Somerset, then returned to bowl four overs during the lunch interval.

The hopes of Flintoff to play each of the five tests and them of ashes passed by its routine of bowling directed by its
physio-, Dave Roberts. The second session included the bowling with the trainer of Lancashire Peter Moores, with the ball
passing like a flash through with the former trainer of England It rolled in, but it came through good, Peter Moores said.
Clef is now to see whether there is any reaction. You take it day after day, but him 's does a completely little physical

Flintoff indicated that it was happy up to now with its progress. I the 'VE had many damage above both passed, three years and the incentive to return must be implied in a series as ashes - thus I will have any reason. I 'm within the deadlines with where I should be at present.

Flintoff was out of action during approximately six weeks following a wound with the knee, and estimated that some plays for Lancashire would help to evaluate its physical shape of match. Principal Chose for me is form. If all is well I will have
enough plays for Lancashire - there 's a play of pre-heating of England as well - to show that.

09-06-2009, 02:30 PM
Flintoff is a key man for England. He will be the trump card against Australia in Ashes . With him ,England team looks more compose. Hope he will quickly recover .....