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13-03-2009, 06:02 PM
1. India were all out for 54 in October 2000, their lowest ever total in One Day Internationals against Sri Lanka.
2. Only four test series have ended 0-0 with all five matches being drawn. India was involved in three of them, including two in a row against Pakistan.
3. Paul Strang is the only Zimbabwean batsmen to score 100 runs and take 5 wickets in an inings of a test match.
4. Mike gatting had his nose broken by a ball from Malcolm Marshall while batting vs West Indies at Kingston in 1986. The ball unfortunately dropped from his nose on to the wicket.
5. The first century in Test cricket was scored by Charlie Bannerman of Australia in 1877.
6. The first batsman to twice score a hundred in each innings of a Test was England’s Herbert Sutcliffe in 1925 and 1929.
7. The first batsman to be dismissed for 99 on his Test debut was Australia’s Arthur Chipperfield at Tent Bridge in 1934. He was 99 not out at lunch.
8. The highest score by a player in his last Test as captain was Ian Chappell’s 192 against England in 1975.
9. The first bowler to take 10 wickets in a Test innings was Jim Laker in 1956.
10.The only two Test cricketers to play Davis Cup tennis were Cota Ramaswami of India and West Indies wicket-keeper Ralph Legall.
11.The first player to score 100 runs and take 10 wickets in the same Test was Australia’s Alan Davidson in 1960.
12.The first left hander to score a century on his test debut was John Mills of New Zealand in 1930.
13.Wilfred Rhodes had the longest ever Test career : 30 years 315 days from 1899 to 1930.
14.The first brothers to play Test cricket were Charlie (1877) and Alec (1879) Bannerman of Australia.
15.The oldest Test Captain was WG Grace, aged 50 years 320 days in 1899.
16.The first batsman to share in 50 century partnerships in Tests was India’s Sunil Gavaskar.
17.Geoff Boycott confused both scorers and umpires when he took strike at the wrong end, following a drinks interval, England vs. Australia at Sydney December 1979.
18.Larry Gomes suffered a broken nose and the loss of two teeth while batting for West Indies vs. Sri Lanka at Melbourne in February 1985.
19.The first ODI in which ‘wides’ and ‘no balls’ were added to the bowlers’ analysis was India vs. Pakistan at Jaipur on October 2, 1983.
20.Sri-Lanka lost their last six wickets for 8 runs off 371 balls in the game vs. Australia at Melbourne in January 1990.

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15.The oldest Test Captain was WG Grace, aged 50 years 320 days in 1899.

Cool. One has to say. Ages dont matter if you love cricket and have dedication to play for country.