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10-03-2009, 08:15 AM
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Christrchurch: Former New Zealand cricketer Martin Crowe said on Monday that India has joined Pakistan as an unsafe country to tour due to terror strikes on its major cities like Mumbai and Delhi last year.

"The time has come for the cricketing world to accept that touring Pakistan is an absolute no go zone ever again. While sad for their talented top cricketers, Pakistan is completely unsafe and contemplation of playing there again has got to stop. But they are not alone.

"In May last year, just 24 hours before I flew with the IPL Royal Challengers to Jaipur for a nothing Twenty20 match, eight bombs went off three-minutes apart killing over 100 civilians and tourists as it ripped through the crowded Pink Palace," Crowe wrote in a local daily.

"We were forced to play the match a day later in front of an empty stadium and 3000 soldiers. It was a joke to be told to play and an affront to the families of those killed," he said.

Source : http://cricketnext.in.com/news/india-is-also-unsafe-to-tour-crowe/38934-13.html

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10-03-2009, 08:18 AM
Pretty right to say to that Crowe is correct. Whole Indian Sub-Continent is not safe to play currently. It's not in Pakistan, but also India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are not safe.

But fact is that, usually in India Gun-style shoot is not expected. Only possibility in India is bomb blast and mostly it occours in Populated Areas....