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Appeal : a polite question to umpire, whether batsman was out off recently bowled delivery, or not.
Ashes : a "5 test match" series : England vs Australia. Oldest of all, played every 2nd year.
Average :runs scored by batsman per innings. is also runs given by a bowler per wicket he takes.

Bails : Two tiny wood pieces resting over wickets. must be completely removed to dismiss batsman.
Bat : Wooden (structured) piece in batsman's hands. He uses it to dispatch the ball past boundary.
Batsman : Its his game. Man with bat (at the centre of ground) to whom the ball is bowled at.
Ball : Leather covering cork & other synthetics. Red for test matches, white for D/N ODIs.
Betting : ILLEGAL, if you try to influence match result.
Bowler : twisting arm, shoulders & body - to send a ball 22 yards of distance. with one kiss of soil only.
Bouncer : Short-pitched ball going over batsman's shoulders. Bodyline series marked only these.
Boundary : Oval in shape, fenced somehow. about 70 yards from either side of striking batsman.

Catch : taking the hold of ball, hit by a batsman before she kisses the soil or crosses the fence.
Century : 100 individual runs made by a batsman off his own bat.
Crease : around 2 yards of box for a batsman to stand before the wickets. The safe zone.
Captain : Leader of the lot. Decides who bats, who bowls, who fields with when & where.
Coach : 2nd hand to cricket team captains. Planning practise, tricks, motivating & strategies n all.

Declaration : Got enough runs, captain can call end to his team's batting innings anytime he wants.
Doosra : an off spinner, turning the ball leg to off rather than obvious off to leg stump.
Draw : 5 days of cricket, yet no team took required 20 wickets n won.. that's a draw, but not tie.

Extras : Runs for batting team. but not off batsmans bat. through pads, wides, bowler no ball etc.
Eden Gardens : ability to host 120K cricket fans at a time. The biggest cricket stadium

Follow on : If leading by 200 or more in a 5 day test match, you can ask opposition to bat again.
Free Hit : bowler bowls a foot no ball, next ball is free hit. Only run out possible. only in twenty20.
Full Toss : a delivery reaching batsman without bouncing off the pitch, Above waist not allowed.
Fielder : All 10 (leaving the bowler) are cricket fielders of the team not batting that moment.

Googly : a leg-spinners ball turning not leg to off but off to leg stump for a batsman. difficult art.
Ground : Spectators seating stand, 70 odd yards grassy field around a 22 yard pitch at centre.
Gloves : protective gear for fingers & hands for a batsman & wicket keeper.
Guard : is the mark batsman makes at the batting crease, or a protective gear.

Hat-trick : bowler taking 3 wickets in 3 balls. or even fielding team getting 3 wickets running.
Hawk-Eye : Fixed cameras track length & line of all deliveries. pridicts ball would've hit the wickets or not.
Hot Spot : Channel 9 technology to take X-rays of batsman shots. Shows if ball hit the bat or not.
Helmet : Head protective gear, with iron grill in front.

Innings : Test have 4 innings. ODI & twenty20 have 2.
ICC : International cricket council,which makes all the rules & keep command.

Leg before wicket (LBW) : a mode of dismissal. A batter can't put his legs (pads) infront of wicket.
Leg Break : A right arm spinner, turning the ball from leg to off, to an right handed batsman.
Laws : cricket rules

Maiden : An over bowled by bowler, without giving away a single run off the bat.
Match Fixing : The game influenced by punters bribing some cricketers, to influence the result of the match.
Net Run Rate : Runs scored devided by full number of overs bowled in an innings.
Night watch man : A bowler batting above recognised batsman in tests, to save him towards end of the day.
No ball : Full toss over batsmans hips, or exceeding bowling crease or a 3rd bouncer in an over of test match, 2nd bouncer in oneday/t20.
Non striker : batsman at other end, from where the bowler is bowling, while the striker faces.

Off Break : A right handed spinner, spinning the ball from off to leg, to a right handed batsman.
Openers : the two batsman who come out first up, at begining of each innings in tests or One day Internationals.
Overs : Six leagal balls bowled consecutively by a bowler, completes an over.
One day International (ODI) : 50 over match, played between International cricket teams.

Power play : fielding restriction rule in ODI cricket, untill few starting overs.(3 in odi one with tenovers, two of five over each , In T20 6overs at start of the inings) .
Playing time : Fixed number of minutes allowed to bowl speculated number of overs.
Player : The batsman, bowlers or the fielders playing cricket match. 11 in each team.
Pads : leg protective gear
Pitch : the 22 yard stripe at the middle of cricket field. Game of cricket is played on it.

Retire : A batsman can postpond his innings through some injury or willingly, allowing others to bat.
Reverse swing : ball swinging opposite to the shiny side - a Pakistani invention.
Runs : boundaries + sixes + extras + number of times the two batters exchange side.
Run rate : Number of runs made in number of overs.
Runner : an injured batsman can get someone from his team, to run for him.
Run-up : the bowler's sprinting area,before he deliveries the ball.

Sight screen : White/black board behind the bowlers arm, for batters to see no disturbance.
Sledging : art of irritating/abusing/joking the batsman when bowlers can't get him out.
Swing : Cricket balls move in air, due to the shine & seam on the leather balls.
Substitute : Squad member can field in case a player gets injured during matches.
Spinner : bowlers who turn the ball to take wickets, not by bowling fast.
Scorers : Each International cricket match has 2 official score managers.
Strike rate : Average of runs made by batsman per 100 balls he faces.

Tail-ender : the last few batsman (the bowlers) coming out to bat in team need.
Tie : when both teams finish a match at same total score, its a tied match.
Twelfth man : 11 players + 1 man from sqaud to carry drinks, gears & field in need.
Toss : 1 captain throws the coin in air, other predicts. to decide who does what n when.
Twenty20 : newest version of International cricket, 20 overs per side matches.
Test Match : 5 day cricket matches, with 90 overs bowled every day, until result is reached.
Third Umpire : additional umpire in pavilion, to judge run out through video replays, now days even referrels(2each per team) for decisions of LBW's, catches taken etc in test matches.

Umpire : his decision is last. 2 are on field, one at each bowling end.
Underarm : bowlers arm coming from down to up, sending ball to batsman with little/no bounce.
Uniform : the dress players wear. white for test matches, colored for ODIs & twenty20.

Veteren : a cricketer who has played loads of cricket. Experienced man of cricket.

Wicket : three static stumps at each end of the 22 yard pitch, with two bails resting on.
Wicket keeper : fielder with gloves behind the wicket.
World Cup : once in a four year tournament, participated by all member i.e test countries plus few more countries decided by ICC from the other tournments held for its qualification.

Yorker : full length ball pitching very close to batsman's toe. Very tough to score off.

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